Vehicle Sunroof Installation

Are you considering getting a sunroof in your vehicle? Perhaps you've always wanted one but never knew how. Our technicians at Sound Pro will be able to install your new sunroof for you in no time!
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Vehicle Sunroof Installation

Before we get started, let's go over some background info on each installation process.

The first is an "aftermarket" sunroof which means that they are pre-made units that can be put into any car at any time with little to no modification. This also means that these types of sunroofs will most likely not fit perfectly into your roof (i.e.: it might have gaps, or not sit flush).

The next type is an OEM sunroof which means it is a factory-built (OEM=original equipment manufacturer) sunroof and will require some modification to your car to make it fit correctly.

If your vehicle currently has no sunroofs installed, we can still help! That's where aftermarket headliners come to play. This will replace the headliner in your car and add a sunroof hole so you can add any type of sunroof you want! It is important to note that this will not work with headliners that have map lights or speakers built into them.

The last option, and probably the best one for most people, is adding aftermarket panoramic sunroofs. This type of sunroof (if done correctly) fits virtually flush to your vehicle and it gives the look and feel of a factory-built unit. Because they are pre-made units, you get a 1-year warranty on the product which provides great peace of mind when making such drastic changes!

Overall there are many types of roofs available but each of these options has unique benefits and downsides. It is best to give us a call or stop by our store so we can go over your needs. We'll be able to discuss what options are best for your vehicle and provide the necessary guidance to ensure you are riding around with your new sunroof in no time.