Vehicle Audio & Video

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Audio & Video

Following are some of the most common types of vehicle audio/video installation:


Dash kits are used to replace your vehicle's current factory radio with an aftermarket model. Dash kits come pre-fabricated for specific vehicles so they can have proper fitment on the dash of your car.

Headrest DVD Systems

Our headrest monitor systems come with LCD monitors for the backseats. They are great because they keep your kids out of your hair on long road trips.

Integrated TV Systems

Our Integrated TV solutions allow you to watch tv while you drive without taking up extra space in the vehicle.

Mid-bulkhead/mounted DVD Systems

This a popular TV system that comes pre-wired to give you maximum flexibility when installing them into your vehicle.

Multi-Zone Solutions

Prefer to listen to different music or media simultaneously? Check out our Multi-zone sound options which allow you to control multiple sources from iPod, Android devices, and other portable players as well as radio and satellite receivers.

Multi-view LCD Systems

Upgrade to a Multi-view unit and enjoy watching multiple screens, playing games, or browsing the web on one screen.

Utility Box Solutions

These small integrated boxes are perfect for iPod/MP3 players as well as AUX/USB inputs and more.

Radio Replacement Units

Enjoy all your favorite radio programming without having to deal with static from an old radio!