Car Alarms and Remote Starts

A car alarm is an electronic device that emits high decibel sound when triggered. Some are motion-sensitive while others require someone to step on the brake pedal or open any door in order for it to go off.
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Car Alarms and Remote Starts

Car alarms can also be paired with remote starts so you don't have to wait in the cold before starting your engine, and some even send alerts to your phone or your remote, and if your vehicle has started telling you if your doors are open or anything suspicious is going on.

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Some of the different types of car alarms include:

Digital One Way Car Alarm-keyless entry system, 2 Way Remote Alarm, Smartphone Connected Car Alarm (SCCA), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) - compatible with many popular brands of tire pressure monitoring sensors.

When most people think of automobile alarms they only think of someone stealing their vehicle, but in fact, there are multiple types available. A smartphone-connected car alarm, for example, can track employee, speed of vehicle and the area where vehicle is not supposed to be.

By investing in an alarm, you also invest in peace of mind.

Remote start options are available for both manual and automatic transmissions along with several different styles including:

Digital copy remote start, keyless remotes that come pre-programmed to your vehicle's factory remote, smartphone-connected remotes (SCCA), or traditional 2-way remotes.

These features allow drivers to lock/unlock doors, open trunks, activate lights, and sound their horn by simply pushing a button on the key fob or through their smartphone app. No matter where you are located, inside or away from your vehicle it can help you ensure it is locked up tight and secure.

We have products for most makes and models! You can give us a call or stop by to see our complete product lineup. We're always happy to help!