Custom Leather

The custom leather inside a car is different from the original factory version. It gives a person's car that one-of-a-kind look he or she wants to have all their own. Sound Pro can provide you with the custom leather you need for your car.
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Custom Leather Installation In Vehicles

For over 45 years we've specialized in providing customers with custom leather for their cars. As one of the leading custom leather installation shops in Georgia, we're here to help you get exactly what you want.

Customization Options

Our custom leather installation service gives customers the chance to get what they want out of their car's interior. You can choose from an almost endless number of color combinations, piping colors, and stitch colors to make your car look exactly how you want it to.

In addition, we offer a variety of customization options when ordering a custom leather install, including:

Custom stitching - We can custom stitch your car's interior using almost any style and color of embroidery thread. This lets you customize the look of your custom leather installation in order to make it truly yours.

Racing stripes and pinstripes - These add an exciting edge to your car's interior, letting everyone know that you love performance and speed. If you'd like to add racing stripes or pinstripes, we'll work with you to find a design that meets your specifications.

Custom piping - If you want to take customization one step further, choose from a variety of colors for your new custom leather product's piping (the colored trim around the edges). We'll use this piping color. These are all customizable by you so that everything is perfect for your needs before we begin working on your order.

In addition, you will have a set price point when using our professional services rather than the possibility of ending up with something you are not happy with. All you have to do is reach out to us or stop by our store. We'll go over your needs and get you set up with exactly what you're looking for.

We have vast experience in the field of custom leather installations, whether it be your car, truck, or SUV. Get in touch, and we'll be of service.